Written by William Mastrosimone 

​​​​"Christina, two-character plays can be grueling. How did it feel to work on this? 

​It is tiring. True. But there’s so much energy that comes with it. You leave the stage after performing non-stop for 90 minutes, feeling high with having given your all. And it’s a wonderful feeling. It’s good for the stamina. It builds your endurance and concentration. Mike’s a very generous acting partner. He fully supports and accepts all I offer to him on stage, in rehearsals, and


– Some have anointed her as a porcelain doll with the ability to give soulful performances and in “Frankie: Italian Roulette”, she’s every bit the engrossing tease.
– Christina is often drawn to strong driven women and as she evolves into a talent who shines in roles of conflicted contrasts, we are duly enamoured.


Must Watch Indie Darlings at Big Apple Film Festival 

​​I Vicini



- The New York Times 

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Reading of I Vicini by Fausto Paravidino at the Italian Institute of Culture. Part of the Italian Playwright's Project organized by Valeria Orani (Umanism) and the Martin Segal Theatre Center (CUNY). Written English translation by Jane House available on location.

- Arts Independent

through the process of bringing this play to where it’s at now. There’s ups, downs, and you ride the roller-coaster. It sure makes you feel present, and alive!"


FRANKIE: Italian Roulette

"Red Light Winter, an excellent play by Adam Rapp, getting a remount in a very fine production. [...] Rapp's writing has excellent characterization and creativity and is at times moving as it touches the heart of his characters. Christina Toth, as Christina, accesses the sharp corners of her character with depth and grace. It is exciting and dynamic to be with these two characters, both performed remarkably well, both written remarkably well, implicitly debating what the well written play can accomplish. A dynamic, sharp characterization of a person; the turmoil or charisma of how they may feel; the secrets they keep. [...] A feat, I'd say, just as the play is a feat itself."

- StageBuddy

Christina in David Bowie's production of LAZARUS, directed by Ivo van Hove and presented at the New York Theatre Workshop. Christina had the privilege of playing the iconic Mary-Lou (from The Man Who Fell To Earth), portrayed in this production as Michael C. Hall's long lost love. 

Christina in Brussels performing the world premiere of WARDA by Sebastien Harrisson. Directed by Michael Delaunoy for Theatre Le Rideau de Bruxelles.

​Christina originated the part of "Lily".


Directed by Chazz Palminteri


- Actress and Life Obsession

“I thought everything about this production was brilliant, from the acting to the immersive experience; even walking into the bathroom becomes part of the show, as costumes are strung about as though the audience has walked into an escapade already in progress. When the show begins, Toth and Hunter make quite a few people squirm in their seats, bringing forth that excitement within us that we, on some level, can share with the characters on stage; they are also limitless in their abilities to invoke all the raw emotions they experience with each other. Toth and Hunter are also so close to the audience, we are like voyeurs watching something so in our face - desire made so tangible and raw, we are intrigued and made bashful all at once."

​​- BroadwayWorld


Christina is "Annalisa" on Orange Is The New Black - Season 6