Talk to Me in Silence is very much informed by female perspectives both in its content, and creation. The project was written, directed, and produced by women.

​​This project was born out of the overwhelming fear of losing one’s sense of identity through memory loss, and the impact it brings upon a family. Our film is an homage to memory building and bonds formed through hardship. The film examines our familial responsibility towards one another, and is a love letter to anyone who has "lost" a loved one to memory loss.

Written by: Christina Toth

​Director: Julia 秀英 Ngeow

Producers: Campbell Symes, Amy DePaola, Robin Galloway, Christina Toth, Emily Miller

Actors: Campbell Symes, Katherine Wallach, Christina Toth and Jamie Craib

DP: Luc Ung

Production design: Bria Josephs

​HMU: Rashad Taylor

Editing: Danny Ward


Campbell Symes and Christina Toth talk about filmmaking at the 

Tokyo International Short Film Festival

Read the interview HERE